10 Things We Learned From… Wimbledon Week One

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28 Jun 2010

1. It is Possible to Have a Rainless Week: Insanity. Gorgeous, rainless weather all week long. Smooth as can be. The weather for the week isn’t bad, and it’s clear and warm for Monday, most importantly.

2. Grass is Still Grass: Dick had some good points. For as much talk as there has been in the past years about how Wimbledon is slowing down, it’s been pretty damn fast the past two years. Last year was incredibly hot. This year has been hot and dry. Dry meaning that most of the courts have had the shit kicked out of them and we’re only a week in.

3. The Sisters Are Slammin’: Serena has yet to drop serve, and Venus is looking as dangerous as ever. Both have the serves working, both are simply overpowering and destroying their opponents. So far. Still, they remain the ones to beat at Wimbley.

4. Fedal Looking Shakey: Fed had to come back from 2 sets down, Rafa has had to come back from 2-1 sets down… twice. Fed also dropped another set. They’ve been far from automatic. While Fed seems to have gotten his stuff together, both Fed and Rafa remain on upset watch for the rest of the tournament.

5. The Andys Aren’t: Dick hasn’t been automatic, but he’s comfortable and confident. Muzz has been automatic. The two remain bigger favourites, in my eye, than Fedal.

6. The British Press Are Paying Attention Now: So England lost. They even gave themselves about 24 hours to get their asses back to write silly thing about how Muzz is letting everyone down. Fun.

7. It’s Anyone’s Tournament: There was a weird vibe, I thought, coming into Wimbledon. A vibe that just about anything could happen. Maybe it was Fed’s quiet collapse in the quarters to Sod, maybe it was the Sam/Franny final. But with Fed, Rafa, and Dick all dropping sets, and so many huge names left on the women’s side, it’s still anyone’s tournament heading into the second week.

8. We Won’t Ever See That Again: The adjective bank is empty. Thanks Isnut. That was [insert large adjective here].

9. Sunday Off Isn’t Always So Bad: It always kind of annoys me. I specifically remember being in such a manic state for Wimbledon, and the day off left me like a crack addict going cold turkey. This year, I’ve been working more, and they only give me tennis for half my weekend. Pssh. Luckily I lucked out and got Monday off. And what a Monday it is. Everyone plays. Masha/Serena. Kim/JuJu. Sam/Muzz. Nole/Lleyton. Bring it on.

10. No More No Names: It might be an all Williams final, but there won’t be any Sam/Franny madness this slam. Masha, Kim and JuJu are all still hanging around. Hell, so is Caro. Expect two big names in the women’s final, whoever it is.

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