Well That Was Fun

Posted by Brodie under: Ana, MJMS, Rome

7 May 2010

God damn.

MJMJS AKA Kamikaze brought some drop shots, some net play, and some goofiness for a 6-4, 6-2 win over Ms. Resurgence. Fine. Ruin all our fun.

I actually thought Ana would be fine, even after the first set. I’ve seen players be confused by Kamikaze, figure her out, and then it was basically game over. Also saw Serena beat her at the USO where she basically mindlessly hammered the ball and won by out muscling her. No can do for Ana though, and MJMS was on her game. Whatever “her game” is.

Still, a fantastic week for Ana, obviously, who has turned her loud ajdeing, fist pumping ways into a quiet confidence, which is really the best kind, and is a fantastic sign going into Madrid. Which as many have heard, is going to be kind of tricky. But more on that later. It’s good news, people. Here’s hoping Ana is back.

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