Party Like It’s 2008

Posted by Brodie under: JJ, Rome, Serena

7 May 2010

“Let’s be honest, we both know that I gave you the match.”

OK so maybe Serena didn’t say that at the net… and maybe if she did, she might actually have a point this time around.

It was a match filled with as much drama as you would expect a JJ/Serena match to have. Great shot making from both players, some long rallies… and some (as Jason Goodall said) “patches of inconsistency.” The dude sells the game better than I do.

Serena broke to get to 5-4, had match point on her serve… blew it. Served for it at 6-5, blew it. Was up 5-2 in the tiebreak… and lost the next 5 points. Wut? Serena? Really weird.

Huge win for JJ though, who continues to roll, and is the big favourite going into the final. She’s even a up there in contending for RG. Who woulda guessed that?

Oh yeah, and this:

“I’m not Justine.” Ah. Classy. Can they play each other in RG please?

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