Mashed Potatoes

Posted by Brodie under: Justine, Masha, Roland Garros

30 May 2010

Masha and Justine finished up their silliness today with a pretty unsurprising result. Justine took it 6-3.

The most surprising thing was the start. It looked like a continuation of the second set with Maria blasting and playing a more straight forward power game. She was up 0-2, 0-40 with Justine serving, got another break point at Ad, but couldn’t convert. Justine would take the game, break, hold, and then break again and that was pretty well it.

Not much to say. Crap conditions, and even crappier play. Justine was getting balls deep and Masha seemed like she was over compensating a bit and the forehand got hella wild. Still, the play from the other side of the net wasn’t exactly overwhelmingly kickass, but she definitely flipped it up another knotch after the first couple of games. She’ll take on Superhero Sam in the fourth round, which should be a hell of a match.

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