Live Blogging III

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31 May 2010

Hey folks. Another live blog for RG, I’ll be keeping up with both matches going on and hopefully adding insight into both, though it will likely be Chatrier heavy. Feel free to leave thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

12:11 Sorry for not returning peeps. Turns out I gotta close up shop for the day. I’ll likely do another one tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

10:21 Rafa on serve but still with a break chance. I’m gonna do a Sam post, but keep this going underneath. Might take a quick nap or something, so should be back in about 20-30 minutes. See ya then.


10:02 ZOMGZOMGZOMG. Errors from Justine, Sam breaks. Unreal. Rafa takes the first set off of Thomaz, 6-2. 7:11 the winners to unforced errors ratio, but Thomaz only had one winner.

09:58 Sam holds the flood. Goes down 0-30 but gets some big serves, pumps herself up and holds. Momentum swing = over. 4-all in the third now, Justine to serve again.

09:53 Justine holds. The crowd is clearly on Justine’s side, and she has the momentum. So… lame. Rafa up a break, 2-4.

09:51 Back to back double faults and some bad errors… Justine is handed the break back. Fine. We have a ways to go still.

09:46 LOL. Justine had some really key double faults earlier in the match, this time it’s caught ball toss and another fault and a double fault on break point… Sam to serve at 3-2!

09:41 Heard cheering on my TV at the Sam match. Threw up my stream. People are going nuts, Thomaz broke Rafa. And I’m pretty sure they’re not that excited cause they’re huge Thomaz fans. Anyway, 2-all in that match.

09:39 Justine still hasn’t figured out Sam’s serve. At all. First three points were three wild forehand errors from Justine, and Sam has found her first serve again. Justine now serving at 2-all.

09:36 Sam gets things to deuce but a couple errors and Justine holds. Still, made some in roads there, and is playing points fantastically on Justine’s second serve.

09:32 Sam is no doubt feeling the pressure, missed a lot of first serves in her opening service game, but finally gets the hold. Gotta feel good.

09:30 Big hitting from Justine and a couple silly errors from Sam gave Justine a break point, but a sexcellent volley by Sam gets it back to deuce. Still fighting over it.

09:25 Rafa plays like Rafa and breaks to open. Justine uses the big serve and holds to open at 15.

09:21 Seriously Rafa-like from Sam. Running around forehands, whipping them with the wrist and hitting them for dirty winners. Saved a break point in the service game and takes the second set, 6-1. Yeah, you read that right. Justine will serve to open the third set.

09:15 The double break! Topsin and power causing big time errors for Justine, mostly off her forehand side which Sam is constantly playing to. To serve for the set at 5-1.

09:10 Make no doubt about it folks, Sam is in complete control here in the second. Absolutely overpowering with the forehand and coming in whenever she needs to with great success, as per usual. Justine looks frustrated and lost and is gonna have a helluva a time getting that break back.

09:08 Woah. Insane kick serve from Sam, Justine reaches for it and falls on her ass with a scream. Then throws the racquet to the ground in frustration. She is not enjoying herself out here in the second set. Sam serving at 3-1.

09:00 Really thought this might happen. Last set, Sam just missed a few key points on the return game and had a sloppy opening. She looks confident and in control here. Broken to go up 2-0 and start with a kick serve and a huge backhand winner.

08:59 A Superhero must do what is necessary to access her powers. The sunglasses are gone for Sam and she held and has 2 break points now.

08:55 There it is, Serena takes out Shahar easily, 6-2, 6-2. Into the second set for Sam/Justine. Rafa/Thomaz up next on Chatrier.

08:51 Serena breaks again and holds, up 5-2. Sam just saved match point with a huge backhand cracker return fof second serve. Serve out wide for Justine gives her another set point at ad, 5-2.

08:44 Well ding dong diddley doo. Shahar breaks back.

08:43 Shahar down a break now… she’s basically toast. Sam gets a wide open chance to get at deuce, and probably should have won the point after that, but Justine holds. Still, she’s making big time in roads, and has Justine way back on her heels.

08:38 Get up, stand up… Shahar continuing to fight. Got Serena to deuce on her last service game and couldn’t capitalize. She’s serving at 1-2. Sam having a pretty solid time holding serve, needs to find a way to break.

08:28 Serena really pushing Shahar around on the second serve but she finally holds after fighting. Justine and Sam locked up… and Justine finally takes it. I like what I see from Superhero though. Clearly has more power and will be able to push Justine back and control longer rallies. She needs the first serve though.

08:23 Serena held to open the second, and Shahar is fighting and just saved two BPs. Sam broken to start her match, sigh. Justine playing like a super crazy aggressor.

08:16 Not much to see here. Not liking Shahar’s tactics. She’s trying to out muscle Serena and guess what? It ain’t working. First set ReRe, 6-2. Superhero and Justine just warming up now. Got that on stream, so I’ll have stuff from both.

08:07 Shahar saves a few break points but is a bit overwhelmed by the return, Serena comes in, and that’s that. Breaks to serve at 4-2.

08:04 T-Gabs serving for the match. Le sads. Serena has upped her game, has two BPs.

07:55 Serena holds at love. Stadium is half empty… at best. The premier green seats are like 10% full. Fail. The weather is absolute crap, though.

07:53 After going up 40-0, a couple of errors and a winner by Serena… couple more errors and we’re tied up at 1-all. Pretty sure Serena is just working her way into the match, the grunting is out now.

07:48 Well hello. Shahar using quick feet and a big forehand to break at love to open. Serena with a couple crazy errors, Shahar with a couple huge forehands.

07:44 Serena and Shahar on court. Commentator talking sickness. Apparently Serena felt better before the doubles match and is doing alright. Should start in a couple.

07:39 T-Bags sure has one hell of a forehand. This dude is pulling the trigger big time. Entertaining to watch.

07:33 Nole took four sets against Ginepri, with Robby taking the second. Ginepri looked totally gassed by the end. Oompa and The Melz into the fourth with Melzer up 2-1. On serve. Oompa Loompa is an absolute whack job.

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