Another Magic Day…

Posted by Brodie under: Agi, Madrid

11 May 2010

…in the WTA. Jeez, I should turn that into a rap, shouldn’t I?

Seeds fell today like it was their day job, most of which aren’t horribly surprising… but A-Rad losing to Patty? She clearly looks pretty pissed here, and A-Rad is rarely pissed. Huh.

I actually was predicting Elena to drop early, if not to Dulgheru (who looked great last week) but to Lucie in the next round, who’s been red hot. Mono is Mono. Caro is presumably still hurt, or it’s in her head, because the errors were out of control today. MJMS went down to Sam in straights, though that’s not an upset (but still semi-surprising it wasn’t close) and as already noted, Flavs went down too.

In slightly more uplifting news, Shahar continues to kick ass, knocking out Kleybs in straights. Jebus. Nads, Lucie, and Aravane all kept rolling and Nails toughed out a solid win over Domi, 7-5 in the third. Think of the children, Domi!

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