Live Blogging I: The Experiment

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28 Apr 2010

Alright everyone. Here’s the experiment! This allows me more than Twitter, let’s me go spam crazy, and let’s you all rant in the comments if you want (please do!). Feel free to spam your friends. I’ll keep it to the last 10 entries, if you want the rest, just go across the break, or click on the post title to see the whole thing. I’ll be using my time zone. Cheers!

12:12 Fer wins! Solid. Saved 6 set points in the first set, just saved a break point. Jo up a break already. Tree up a break in the second. I’m starving and need to shower, so I’m outta here. I’ll be watching, and on Twitter. Live blogging is done for today, might do some tomorrow morning. Thanks everyone, not too sure how many people are reading, so feel free to let me know if you did, liked it, or whatever, in the comments or on Twitter. See you there!

12:05 There it goes. Vika wins, she’s thrilled. Nice meet at the net. My tennis pool team is drowning in it’s own blood.

12:03 Flavs just can’t get these ad points. Fer holds, 5-2. He’s looking good. Vika fires a huge forehand, match point again. Flavs saves it though. Holy.

12:00 Vika’s losing it. Another saved. Jo/Viktor getting underway too. Fer just broke. And Flavs lands one on the line for game point. Holy crap. Nerves of steel.

11:59 Two match points Vika… Flavs saves the second one with the net cord. Wowza.

11:54 Fer is doing a great job on his serve right now, really solid. Using his shot making, not just his ability to run forever, to win points.

11:50 Vika breaks back. Oh whatever. Everything else is painfully on serve.

11:46 Flavs breaks back. Really fighting.

11:43 My poor team. Error long from Berd, Stan’s got it done. Yikes.

11:42 Nevermind. Vika breaks back. Berd makes a terrible shot selection.

11:41 6-all for Berd match, he just saved 2 MPs. Got it on now. Flavs up a break.

11:39 Rainbow out in Rome. Sven knows what’s up. Stan up 5-4 now.

11:37 There it finally is. First set Fer… 13-11. He earned that baby. Berd/Stan on serve in their 3rd set tiebreak.

11:36 Huge serve Fer. Bols to serve, 11-12. Thomasz takes the first set, 9-7 in the breaker!

11:35 Inside out forehand from Bols. Amazeballs. And the sun comes out. Go figure. Other matches still in TBs.

11:33 UNREAL. Fer gets it back right at Bols, can’t get the volley off. 10-all!

11:33 Moron! Terrible error by Fer. Thomasz/Tree still going.

11:32 It’s raining men! Er… it’s raining for the men. On the men. Something.

11:31 Bols gets another set point. Stan up a minibreak. Bahhh!

11:30 This is too much. Ljubs takes it 7-5. Stan/Berd in a tiebreak too. Fer with set point.

11:28 Bols gets the minibreak, Fer hammering the ball, gets it back. Vika holding easily. Tree/Thomasz in a TB. Ljubs with more set points.

11:27 WHAT THE HELL. Ball called out… it was in. Lucky break. Confusing.

11:24 Vika is dealing and playing out of her mind. Have a hard time seeing Flavs squeak this one out. AND HOLY CRAP. Insane point. Fer gets tons of balls back, SOMEHOW, Bols taps back a lob, and Fer fires it right at him. Rafa like. 6-all.

11:23 Fer rips a forehand wide. 4-6 now. Ruh roh.

11:22 Both guys playing safely. Go figure, it’s getting hella windy. Bols error, 4-all. Other matches on serve.

11:21 Knob Head wastes set points. 5-all. Same with Tree/Thomasz and Tomas/Stan. Bols to serve at 4-3.

11:19 Fer’s turn to fade big time. Down a minibreak serving at 2-4. Ljubs working on actually taking a set point.

11:17 Tiebreak on centre in Rome. Fer jumps ahead with a minibreak 1-0. Now 2-0. Bols is fading or nervous or both.

11:14 Oh for the love of Sven. Bols is absolutely going for it at this point. Vika has this set, though Flavs is hanging on by the nails. All other Rome matches are 4-5 in their respective sets. Oh, and there’s the set for Vika, 6-1.

11:09 Bols is here to play. Fer hammers a short ball, Bols fires it right on back. Dirty touch at the net for a drop shot winner. 30-0. Tomas/Stan on serve 4-4. Same with the parking lot matches.

11:06 Holy shit. Extremely dark and ominous clouds in the distance in Rome. Not sure if rain is in the forecast, but play might end up being cut off at some point. That looks nasty. Fer starting to get back into his groove now, controlling play.

11:04 Heyo! Stan breaks back. Berd you tool. Nico goes up a break on Knob Head. Vika cruising 4-1.

11:02 Wow. 2 DFs… Fer has his break back. Weak. And my Vika stream just died. Urgh.

11:00 Tomas finally breaks! He’s up 4-2 after a marathon game. Flavs still grinding away, at deuce. Fer still in tough in the first set. Parking lot matches on serve.

10:57 Flavs hammering the ball IN the court, Fer getting on top of the ball and nailing it. But on their own serves.

10:53 Flavs is not impressed. There goes a couple break points. Vika holds. Errors everywhere from the hot messes of Flavs and Fer. Green Goblin and Tomas have been at 2-3 for about a thousand years now.

10:51 Fer is still a total mess on the return game. Flavs starting to get to Vika’s serve.

10:45 Bolelli jumping and hammering the ball. This may the perfect disaster for Fer. A confident Italian at home. Flavs gets a couple points off Vika’s serve, but she holds regardless.

10:41 Tree/Thomasz and Knob Head/Nico now underway in the Roman parking lots. Will try to keep an eye on those scores. Flavs has saved two BPs already. Other Tomas on serve with Stan, 2-3 in the third.

10:38 There go the pants. I’m talking about Vika, not the Fer match. That’s quite a hot mess though, and Fer is all over the place.

10:36 Italian crowd is pumped, and Bolelli has a break already. Also, Vika is wearing a goofy skirt and pants. Um… ok.

10:34 Fernando double faults to give a break point, gets it to deuce… error, ace. A bit all over the place. He DID have 2 days off, surely can’t be that exhausted. Great Flavs/Vika stream on Live Score Hunter BTW. Damn it’s been a while since I’ve watched Flavs.

10:30 Ha. Fernando arguing a call… and they can’t find the mark. Chair goes with the original call, naturally. Fer isn’t impressed. Turns out it was WAY long.

10:26 OK that match was bloody painful. On goes the Fergasm match.

10:21 This Green Goblin vs. Stan match is… well, bland. And Stan’s hat/shirt combo is almost as goofy as Kader’s hat.

10:18 Down the line. Match. 6-3, 6-7, 6-2. Gotta give it to Shahar for hanging in there after the lost match point in the second set. But DAMN AGI. Guh. Vika up next on centre.

10:17 Aga is never going to win major tournaments with that second serve. Never.

10:14 Second set Stan.

10:12 Aga is pissed, y’all. Not that visibly, but she’s frowning more than usual, so that must be it. Hell, she’s done this crap before. Breaks, 2-5 now.

10:09 Well holy. Stan jumping, getting on top of the ball, and with a yell and a massive fist pump, he’s serving for the second set at 5-3. Really, blown opportunities there for Green Goblin.

10:07 Aga finally does something. Way too little, way too late. Shahar to serve at 5-1, third set. Lucie is now on court in the Stuttgart parking lot. Stan and the Green Goblin are on serve too.

10:01 Aga goes from being up 40-0, to playing a moronic drop shot out wide on break point, and now she’s down 4-0. Goofball.

09:59 That’s all she wrote. 1 and 3 for Rafa. Not planning on dropping a set any time soon. A-Rad looking better on serve, but still giving out way too many points.

09:58 Welcome to Rafaland, may I take your short, sad, and frustrated order? Also, Kader is wearing a hat and looking like a HUGE dork. Times 2, since he’s inside.

09:55 Fine tennis. FINE. Aga gets two break points and blows em, loses the game, and will serve at 0-3. Kohls serving to stay in it at 3-5.

09:50 Solid win for Wicky over Franny, 3 and 3. Rafa just broke. Kohls is playing way better, but so is Rafa. Berd/Stan on serve in the second.

09:48 Guess what? Rafa held fine. And now he’s pissed. Aga, meanwhile, has no weapons. Or guns, rather. Wide open shot for a forehand winner, and she can’t even hit it hard enough to get it past Shahar. Loses the next point, and broken. Slams a ball into the clay. God dammit girl.

09:43 Well helloooo then. Rafa comes to net, gives Kohls an opening. And he fires it down the line for a winner. Break point.

09:40 Aga just hammering the ball and getting it back in, leads to a Shahar error. She the starts PUSH PUSH BABYing and HEYO, Aga takes the second set after saving a match point! To a third we go!

09:39 Well fine then. Drop shot of her own for Shahar, and she’s serving at 4-5 now.

09:37 Aga is a drop shot queen. For reals. No one does it better. Possibly even in the ATP. Helps her get a winner, and a little luck at the net with another accidental drop shot then lob, and she’s up 5-3. Also, Kohlswhatever is serving better, from what I can hear, and it’s on serve, 2-3.

09:35 Shahar blasts a second serve for a winner to grab a minibreak. Your second serve is SO crap girl. It’s unbelievable. But then she hits a dirty winner down the line… 3-all.

09:31 Well fuck me sideways. Balls play by Aga to break, tiebreak it is.

09:30 Why are you doing this to me girl? Saves a MP, deuce.

09:25 Blood. Ee. Hell. Aga. BLOODY HELL. It’s the Slaughter in Stuttgart for my poor WTA team. Shahar up a break, to serve for the match. You don’t want to know how many players I’ve already lost there, trust me.

09:22 Well hello. Wicky up a set and a break, 2-1, over Franny in the Stuttgart parking lot.

09:18 Kohlswhatever has won consecutive points once all match. First set to the King, 6-1. A-Rad hanging on by her nails, but hanging on just fine, thankyouverymuch. Berd’s also in cruise control after a little blip, and takes the firset set 6-2.

09:14 How does Rafa just change the direction of those balls with the forehand to fire them up the line? That’s just not even fair.

09:09 There it is. Agi playing like she deserves a top 10 status, turns on the forehand angles, and has her first break since the beginning of the first set. 3 all. Kohlswhatever and Stan also get on the board… and Stan just broke, so he’s now only down one break, serving at 2-4.

09:06 Going to assumed Agi talked with the coach in the changeover. This is a different player. Going for her shots, hitting some solid winners. Working on a break now.

09:00 Break for Rafa, and A-Rad still struggling big time. Shahar is getting the first serves in, hammering the return ball… and finds herself up a break, 1-3. Berd’s cruising, up 0-4.

08:55 What up Stan? You’ve been useless all year. Down two breaks now. Rafa dealing with the forehand. A-Rad finally holds in the second set.

08:52 Where’s the straight hair at, Agi? Is it cause it’s inside? Cause it’s Germany, and you’re Polish? What? I, as a fan, demand it. Shahar and Rafa both hold. So does Berd.

08:50 Big, booming, down the line (or up the line, depending on where you’re sitting) winner for Rafa on the second point. A-Rad now struggling big time, down a set and a break, 1-0.

08:48 Shahar moonballing? WTF girl. A-Rad having serious troubles, Shahar is playing really aggressively. Hmm. Rafa time! Berd up a break already.

08:44 Alright, first break is in, so this post doesn’t pull a Godzilla on this blog. A-Rad held at love, but to no avail. Shahar takes the first set handily, 6-3. Berd/Stan underway too.

08:42 Cheers to Tony in the comments for this gem: “Spoke to Mariana Alves (umpire) in Marbella and asked her what the difference was between someone shouting out like that and someone like Sharapova that screams out every time she hits the ball.” Also, getting word on Twitter that the mic A-Rad is wearing is actually a black ribbon for the late Polish president. Damn I’m blind. Nice gesture by A-Rad.

08:40 Yikes, AMG out of Fes 3 and 2. Not a good year for her.

08:39 Well so much for that. Garlo just took out Rusty 3 and 2.

08:38 Oh Rafa. Such a nice boy. Gently placing your water bottles calmly in front of you. Instead of mindlessly throwing them behind you LIKE SOME PEOPLE. Ahem. A-Rad to serve at 2-5. Shahar pushing her around like nobody’s business.

08:34 Alright, now we’re talking. Bagel and tea. Crisis averted. Not so much for AMG and A-Rad. AMG was broken, looks about to lose. A-Rad down a break now, and not impressed. I’m gonna have to watch some Rafa to start out… gotta see how the sexiness of his game is doing. Then over to Berd/Stan.

08:28 I’m not likely to blog much Fes today, but defending champ AMG is currently down a set and serving at 2-3 to Laura Pous Tio (who?)

08:26 Sod wins, all hail evil, etc. etc. A-Rad just got broken. 2-2. Silly girl. And what’s that on the left side of her tank top? A mic? It’s not like she has anything crazy to say during the match. Odd.

08:23 Sod breaks, to serve for the match. Volandri kicked Jules’ ass 2 and a bagel. Yikes. Garlo up a set but still on serve with the Rusty Lawnmower. Definitely catching me some Berd/Stan, gonna be paying attention to that big time.

08:20 Crap. I blinked. A-Rad up a break already. Oh damn girl.

08:17 Morning all. Well morning here. 8am is damn early for a university student. JJ already beat Dulko 2 and 2, a match I was convinced Dulkbag would take home. Whatever. Sam just finished a thrashing of Mono on the outer Stuttgart courts, 2 and 1. No Rome matches completed for the day yet. Solid. A-Rad/Shahar now underway. I need some tea or something.

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