These Ain’t Your Grandma’s Dishes

Posted by Brodie under: BJK Cup, Venus

2 Mar 2010

Venus took home the BJK Cup, er… vase, last night, with an entertaining 3 sets win over Kim at Madison Square Garden (and collects a pretty $400k to go with it.)

The event was much less hyped and not as well attended as last year’s event, I think partially because of Serena not being there, but mostly because it wasn’t advertised as well and wasn’t this “big new shiny tennis exhibition in downtown New York.” I mean, Bill Clinton came last time. This year we got David Duchovny.

Two things. WHY are we not still having the YEC at MSG? Such a great, historic venue and… guh, I realize they want to grow the WTA and the game in other places, but give them a tourney. We’re talking the YEC, the players deserve a big stage, and it’s too bad it’s still not MSG.

And how about Venus? She’s one the last three things she’s entered if you include this. Seems someone might be responding to the whole “Venus is on the decline” thing…

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