The JJ Syndrome

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22 Mar 2010

You know people who have near death experiences, and then come back fully revived with a new appreciation for life? Or an unhealthy person who almost dies of a heart attack, and does a complete overhaul of what they eat afterwards? We might as well start calling that the “JJ Syndrome”.

JJ looked well on her way to another confusing tournament. If you remember, last year she lost to PAvs early, who was a no one at the time. This year it was Errani, the tiny Italian, who was up a break for nearly the entire third set in their third round match. However, JJ kept calm, refocused, and pulled the thing out of her ass. She then went on to win the next 8 sets that she played (oddly, by a score of either 6-4 or 6-2 for all of them) and took the championship. And beating Shahar, Kleybs, Sam and Caro with those scores isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

So props to JJ, who showed the world (in other words, proved me wrong) that she CAN have streaks of consistency, and when she chooses to kick it into high gear and attack, can be one hell of a wall.

And really, it showed the real weakness of Caro’s game: not being able to defend the big hitters. Sure she can push weaker opponents around the court, but her inability to finish points (partially due to the lack of a big forehand, and REALLY due to her lack of volleying skills which keep her from moving in) cost her big time. Saw some people accusing Caro of not having a “plan B”. Not true. Girl had a perfect idea of what was going on out there. She just couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Anyway, props JJ. As much as I might hate to say it, you really deserved this one.

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