Strange Days Ahead?

Posted by Brodie under: Miami

28 Mar 2010

I don’t mean to over react, but I didn’t get any solid posts in after the ridiculous losses by Nole and Muzz, so I feel like I need to comment. Cause I got shit to say! (As always…)

Really, I’m just curious as to what’s going to happen with the clay season. Delpo and Kolya both have effed up wrists, Muzz is still sad from AO (and not that great on clay), Nole is all over the place, Dick sucks on clay… I hate to say “Rafa and Fed”… may be the REAL big guys, at least for a period here, but it’s hard not to imagine so. Rafa is starting to find his groove (and his grind) and Fed is starting to fall back into a rhythm, one would assume. Ljubs and Dick showed last week that with big players faltering, all you really gotta do is play consistent, well serving tennis and you can find yourself very deep in a tournament. And with clay specialists… hmm.

This post sure doesn’t have a lot of actual substance, but it’s an idea. And it also kind of shows how ready I am for clay courts. So should you.

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