Praise Be To Sven, The Week Doth End

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1 Mar 2010

Damn straight people. As the Olympics end, so does a week with a billion tournaments, leaving us with an absolute lull in action. And you know Nole is excited. So excited he just wants to reach out and hug Sven. Just a bit more reach there man.

It was extra painful for him, as the final was delayed on Saturday due to rain, and resumed on Sunday. Nole being up a set naturally dropped the second one just to make sure things were extra dramatic, but pulled out the third against The Iron Commander and successfully defended his title. Good job Number 2.

Why Venus, an American, who hates clay, and is a Williams, continues to play this small Mexican clay tournament is beyond me. What’s even more beyond me is how she actually seems to really enjoy it… and you know, win it. You could teach your sister a thing or two, methinks.

Solid win by Ferru too. The real props go to both him and JCF though, who have made the finals of both the last two week’s clay tournaments, and won one each. Holy. So much for these guys being old, or on the decline, or… anything. They suddenly become guys to watch for the clay season.

CURLS. Representin’. First ATP title. Over a 31 year old Ivo. Bitches.

Aaaand the Sweaty Ponytail over Elena in Malaysia. So… yeah. See you in Bali or something.

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