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9 Mar 2010

For those few avid readers that I have (I still don’t get how I’m getting hits after not posting for about a zillion days) I figured I’d offer up an update. First off, I’ve been sick for the past several days (wah wah woe is me) which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted much. Mostly, however, I’m in the middle of the magical period for a student where all hell breaks lose, and seemingly everyone is saying “I have seven things in two weeks and I have no idea how I’m going to get them all done.” Ah, fun times. This hilarious hell continues on for the next two weeks for me, which coincides perfectly with Indian Wells. Perfectly you ask? Ah yes.

Go read Forty Deuce. I’m likely not introducing you to the brilliance that is C Note, however, it must be noted that the coverage of IW last year absolutely killed it. There’s few things that get tennis nerds more excited than visiting a big tournament and watching their faves play. We’re like kids in a candy store on Christmas while hopped up on crack. Yeah, all at the same time. It’s kickass.

So not only should I not be trying to blog because of all the work I have, I should also not be trying to blog because the FD Queen is where it’s going to be at for IW, folks. Realistically, I’m still going to catch some action (I cried tears of joy watching such high quality tennis of Nole/Tree on Sunday) but unless I have the time and something half-intelligent or funny to say, I won’t bother saying it. Oh, and I’ll have a “The Week (And A Half) Ahead” post tonight since both draws will be out. As of next Friday, I have basically nothing left save for exams though, and then I’ll be blogging the living shit out of everything. Have a fun IW everyone!

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