Step 1: Serve, Step 2: Slice?

Posted by Brodie under: Ana

22 Feb 2010

Hard to not just re-blog the Forty Deuce post here but PRAISE BE TO SVEN (in a sort of awkward “we’ll give you a break now” way I guess…) but Ana has FINALLY hired a full time coach, something that I’ve been harping on for months now. Not that it necessarily takes half a brain to see that Ana’s brain is basically worse than scrambled eggs and someone needs to spend some serious time doing some hard work to just hammer away at a few simple ideas. Like “toss the ball in the air, and then catch it again. K, do it again. K now hit it. There you go!”

The lucky winner? Heinz Gunthardt, former coach of some Steffi Graf girl, as well as Dokic for a bit. Not bad company. As an obviously huge Ana fan, I’ve become completely numb to her sucking and disappointing results. So naturally, this will start getting my expectations high again and… well, make or break new coach man. And Svenspeed.

Oh, and again, sorry for the blogging fail. You can blame the Olympics on this one. This will likely continue for a week, though don’t worry, for as little tennis (did watch lots of Doha) as I’m watching, I’m keeping up. God knows I’ll be on such a sports high after these two weeks that I’ll be beyond giddy for IW and Miami. “The Week Ahead” post and re-capping the finals and other stuff will come tonight.

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