Screw The Non-Slams

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25 Feb 2010

Well then, look who has gotten himself into some hot water.

“I would have liked to have won (the match vs. Tipsarevic), but it’s not the end of the world. You know, if it was a slam or something, my tactics and my game style would have been a bit different. You know, like I said, I wasn’t necessarily coming in as well prepared as I have done in previous tournaments. You know, I was trying different things. So I made more mistakes than normal, and I went for a lot tonight.

I need to make sure I’m playing my best tennis at Indian Wells and Miami. I need to be in top shape for there. I said before the start of the tournament I hadn’t trained as much and I can’t expect to play my best tennis.”

Safe to say the tourney organizers were less than impressed.

“It’s disappointing that it could be construed in a way which indicates he wasn’t taking the event quite as seriously as he does,” said John Beddington, a Barclays consultant. “It’s as disappointing for us as it is for Dubai Duty Free who work so hard and operate the event.”

I think James Larosa had a great point saying “money can’t buy you everything” in pure sarcasm to the fact that none of the top seeds are left in Dubai. I’m starting to think that if tournament organizers want to shell out big money for top players and THEN complain they didn’t play well enough (which is obviously just a completely selfish thing) they should offer cash rewards according to how far they got.

People on that post (which annnoyed me, ripped into it on the coments, but that’s an aside) seem to think that it’s some sort of lame excuse or something, but Muzz is telling it like it is. How can you expect top players to want to play their hearts out against a not-so-elite field in 500 or 250 events? What better places for them to try new things against competitive players in the top 50, really. I dunno, the whole thing’s dumb. Get over it, non-Masters events.

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