Updated: My Tummy Hurt

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27 Feb 2010

My poor Argies. After what was shaping up to be a fantastic first set, Pico pulled some sort of chest muscle or muscle around his stomach, I believe at 5-5, had to call the trainer, took the shirt off, looked mopey, dropped the next two games, the set, and called it a night. And he was none too impressed (especially after losing to JCF last week and not being able to put up a fight.)

Other than the fact that this blows immensely for Pico, this really leaves the poor Argentine Davis Cup team in a total mess, especially if Pico can’t play. Elf, Nalby, and Chucho are all injured or out, and right now the DC site has Pico, Zeballos, Mayer and Schwank. Oddly enough, all four have been playing well of late, but holy. They take on Sweden who essentially are a one man team with Sod… this might get messy. I’ll talk more in my Davis Cup preview later in the week.

The other semi featured Gonzo and Ferru. Ferru won and will setup a re-match of last weeks Buenos Aires final.

UPDATE: Pico will now miss Davis Cup

“I think it is a tear,” Monaco told Argentine sports daily Ole. “I’m very angry.”

His replacement? Sounds like Juan Ignacio Chela. Holy shit. Poor Argies indeed.

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