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8 Feb 2010

Random crap not worth its own post! Good news first.

Rafa is doing better.

“Rafa’s knee is getting better,” Toni said. “The recovery is going pretty well. From the stands I first advised him to call the physio and then to retire since it was obvious to me he couldn’t keep playing. Retirement was the right decision to take at that time.”

Gooood. Uncle T knows what’s up, y’all.

Dina is NOT playing Dubai. As if you didn’t know that. Looks like she, like Rafa, is shooting for an Indian Wells return.

The Belgrade tourney is planning an overhaul to a shiny new venue… by the name of Arena Djokovic?

The article is sort of poorly worded and confusing, but by the looks of it, they want indoor and outdoor court, shopping areas, and… shit, someone wants the ATP to pay attention. Masters tournament? Fifth grand slam for Sven’s sake? And maybe Ana and JJ could have a wicked home tournament as well. That looks like a whole lot of money. Kind of cool to see the investment into tennis in Serbia taking off.

As for Monday rankings updates, nothing for the women cause of Fed Cup. For the dudes, Tomasz jumped 7 spots up to 28 and Feli jumped 6 to 33.

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