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Gold, Baby!

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28 Feb 2010

Damn straight I’m rubbin’ it in your face! What a great game. Thanks for the congrats Twitter peeps.

And now back to tennis. Or reality. Or something.

Edit: Oh yeah, Obama? Beer is on you.

Updated: My Tummy Hurt

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27 Feb 2010

My poor Argies. After what was shaping up to be a fantastic first set, Pico pulled some sort of chest muscle or muscle around his stomach, I believe at 5-5, had to call the trainer, took the shirt off, looked mopey, dropped the next two games, the set, and called it a night. And he was none too impressed (especially after losing to JCF last week and not being able to put up a fight.)

Other than the fact that this blows immensely for Pico, this really leaves the poor Argentine Davis Cup team in a total mess, especially if Pico can’t play. Elf, Nalby, and Chucho are all injured or out, and right now the DC site has Pico, Zeballos, Mayer and Schwank. Oddly enough, all four have been playing well of late, but holy. They take on Sweden who essentially are a one man team with Sod… this might get messy. I’ll talk more in my Davis Cup preview later in the week.

The other semi featured Gonzo and Ferru. Ferru won and will setup a re-match of last weeks Buenos Aires final.

UPDATE: Pico will now miss Davis Cup

“I think it is a tear,” Monaco told Argentine sports daily Ole. “I’m very angry.”

His replacement? Sounds like Juan Ignacio Chela. Holy shit. Poor Argies indeed.

Screw The Non-Slams

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25 Feb 2010

Well then, look who has gotten himself into some hot water.

“I would have liked to have won (the match vs. Tipsarevic), but it’s not the end of the world. You know, if it was a slam or something, my tactics and my game style would have been a bit different. You know, like I said, I wasn’t necessarily coming in as well prepared as I have done in previous tournaments. You know, I was trying different things. So I made more mistakes than normal, and I went for a lot tonight.

I need to make sure I’m playing my best tennis at Indian Wells and Miami. I need to be in top shape for there. I said before the start of the tournament I hadn’t trained as much and I can’t expect to play my best tennis.”

Safe to say the tourney organizers were less than impressed.

“It’s disappointing that it could be construed in a way which indicates he wasn’t taking the event quite as seriously as he does,” said John Beddington, a Barclays consultant. “It’s as disappointing for us as it is for Dubai Duty Free who work so hard and operate the event.”

I think James Larosa had a great point saying “money can’t buy you everything” in pure sarcasm to the fact that none of the top seeds are left in Dubai. I’m starting to think that if tournament organizers want to shell out big money for top players and THEN complain they didn’t play well enough (which is obviously just a completely selfish thing) they should offer cash rewards according to how far they got.

People on that post (which annnoyed me, ripped into it on the coments, but that’s an aside) seem to think that it’s some sort of lame excuse or something, but Muzz is telling it like it is. How can you expect top players to want to play their hearts out against a not-so-elite field in 500 or 250 events? What better places for them to try new things against competitive players in the top 50, really. I dunno, the whole thing’s dumb. Get over it, non-Masters events.

The Iron Commander

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25 Feb 2010

Youz typically salutes the crowd after a win, but this time it’s my turn to give the Youz a salute and an official nickname (“The Iron Commander”.) A high honour in MTR land… or something. Sure, the guy only turns 28 this year and was at his highest ranking in January of 2008. But at the same time, the guy has only ever made one slam semi (USO 06), never won a Masters tournament and only won one 500 event. But the guy was just injured, and despite seeds falling left and right, he continues to toughen things to reach the semis of Dubai with a win over Janko 3 and 4. Not to mention the guy seemed to be one of the few winning constants in the smaller, later tournaments of last year.

And yes, it’s been a hell of a week for the seeds in Dubai. Meaning they’re either hurt (Kolya), hurting inside (Muzz – sadness, Jo – tummy), or just don’t give a damn (Nole?).

Marin lost to Melzer today in straights, who also beat T-Rob in the second round. And in the second round, Janko beat Muzz in 3, Old Man Ljubs beat Jo in straights, and Kolya retired a set down with wrist problems. Yo man, a buddy of mine is having the same problem. The wrist thing. You might have heard of him. Give him a ring. Oh, and Nole is down a set to another sort of Ironman, Old Man Ljubs.

23 Feb 2010

Sorry guys. Gonna cut posts for the finals (I’m way late by this point and I only caught a bit of the Buenos Aires one anyway.) Also, since the week has already started, and you’ve done your tennis pool picking, I’m going to keep this post to the bare minimum. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting through the week, and hopefully catching a little bit of action. Next week I’ll have this post up by Sunday for sure. I also think I’m just going to start picking who I think is going to win the tournament, for the hilarity of it. And because no one cares if I’m wrong, and I can pretend I’m a genius if I’m right.

Men – Dubai (500)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Nole, Muzz, The Fuzzy Koala, Jo?, Marin
Random Dude I Think Will Win: Muzz

Joint – Acapulco (500 & International)
Acapulco ATP WTA Flavia Pennetta

Official Site: Here
Draws: Men & Women
Top ATP Seeds:
Fergasm, Gonzo, Ferru, JCF
Top WTA Seeds: Venus, Agnes, Dulkbag, Sorana Banana (already lost), CSN
Random Dude I Think Will Win: Gonzo
Random Chick I Think Will Win: CSN

Men – Delray Beach (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Who gives a fuck?… er… T-Haas (lost), Ivo, Becker Jeremy.
Random Dude I Think Will Win: …Ivo? There’s fucking nobody interesting in this ENTIRE tournament save for maybe Ernie. Holy.

Women – Kuala Lumpur (International)
Kuala Lumpur WTA

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Lena, Nails (already lost, WTF), JZ, Kleybs
Random Chick I Think Will Win:

Start Getting Used To It

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22 Feb 2010

Corona has become the new premier sponsor of the ATP. It’s a move that I find endlessly entertaining for really no reason. The Sony-Ericsson deal, sure, everyone needs a phone. But tennis fans and beer? OK who am I kidding, us hardcore people need alcohol like we need oxygen sometimes. Still, I find it such a random move, especially after they used to have Mercedes. Beer just seems like such a downgrade.

Corona Extra and the ATP have signed a 5 1/2-year sponsorship agreement that makes the Mexican beer brand the top sponsor of the men’s tennis tour.

A person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press it has a total expected value of about US$70 million. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the sides agreed not to reveal financial terms.

The deal was to be announced formally Monday and should take effect by May. It makes Corona Extra the official beer sponsor of the tour and allows the company to put its logo on nets at about two-thirds of the ATP’s 62 tournaments. The deal also involves other marketing rights.

He also expects Corona Extra to help promote the sport.

“They’re pretty savvy marketers, and we think they’re going to bring new creativity and energy to our tour and to tennis in general,” Helfant said in a telephone interview.

Ha. Have fun with that.

Step 1: Serve, Step 2: Slice?

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22 Feb 2010

Hard to not just re-blog the Forty Deuce post here but PRAISE BE TO SVEN (in a sort of awkward “we’ll give you a break now” way I guess…) but Ana has FINALLY hired a full time coach, something that I’ve been harping on for months now. Not that it necessarily takes half a brain to see that Ana’s brain is basically worse than scrambled eggs and someone needs to spend some serious time doing some hard work to just hammer away at a few simple ideas. Like “toss the ball in the air, and then catch it again. K, do it again. K now hit it. There you go!”

The lucky winner? Heinz Gunthardt, former coach of some Steffi Graf girl, as well as Dokic for a bit. Not bad company. As an obviously huge Ana fan, I’ve become completely numb to her sucking and disappointing results. So naturally, this will start getting my expectations high again and… well, make or break new coach man. And Svenspeed.

Oh, and again, sorry for the blogging fail. You can blame the Olympics on this one. This will likely continue for a week, though don’t worry, for as little tennis (did watch lots of Doha) as I’m watching, I’m keeping up. God knows I’ll be on such a sports high after these two weeks that I’ll be beyond giddy for IW and Miami. “The Week Ahead” post and re-capping the finals and other stuff will come tonight.

Victoria’s Secret

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19 Feb 2010

Well that’s just Vika. After a collapse (in my mind, what SHOULD be a confidence shattering one) to Serena in Melbourne, looking exhausted and injured for Fed Cup, girl has put together a hell of a run to the final. And she’s looked confident doing it. Oh, and she’s beating players that she’s supposed to beat. Hell, it’s early in the season, but I’m impressed, and the on court antics seem to be down (though that might just be because I haven’t seen them, she’s winning, or both.)

Regardless, Vika is confident, striking the ball with authority, and despite A-Rad’s best attempts to push her around the court and try to dictate play, Vika was pouncing on short balls, coming to the net (and looking totally comfortable doing it) and knocks up another straight set win. She’ll face defending champ Venus in the final at 7pm local time (10am EST.)

Too Much, Magic Bus

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19 Feb 2010

I guess it had to end sometime. Shahar’s ride on the magic bus stopped at the quarterfinals, with a pretty routine win for Venus. Of course, the irony (if that’s the right word) is pretty epic. Venus won the title last year, and spoke out against the exclusion of Shahar after winning. So what does she get this year? A semifinal match… on an outer court. Probably the first time she’s played on a court other than centre court in forever. But at the same time she gets a pretty simple win. Sounds like a deal to me.

Still a fantastic run by Shahar. I’m having trouble deciding if it’s a tears of joy “I overcame adversity” kind of thing or a big ole “fuck you, see, I can play. Assholes.” I’m gonna go with the last one. Should be a huge boost to Shahar’s ranking, as well as a huge boost to her wallet. Ownage.

Tall Men! Fuck Yeah!

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18 Feb 2010

P-Mac has announced the American Davis Cup team, and… it’s actually awesome. Big men Tree and Sammy Q will get the call along the BryBros after Dick said he won’t be playing the first tie (on clay) and… well, nobody wants Lames Blah on their team, especially if it’s clay.

It’s great to see a couple of the young guys get a chance, especially because they’re the real future of American tennis, and are likely going to be hanging around the top 30 or 20 for some time to come. Good on ya boys. Er… men.

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