The Week Ahead: 250 Reasons To Smile

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31 Jan 2010

Men – Johannesburg (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds: Gael, Ferru, The Deli Lopez, Chuds

Chances are one or two things are occurring for you right now. 1) You’re still recovering from AO and likely won’t watch any of these tournaments until later in the week. 2) You’re interested in tennis pool, have a bunch of top players that you can unload, and are looking to take 3 tops seeds in any tournament. So I’m just going to cut to the chase and mostly address the draws for the top seeds for all this crap.

I seriously have nothing to say about this draw. There is NO ONE there. Gael has been injured, so don’t pick him. If he’s on your team, keep him. I actually like Feli’s chances to win his first title of the year. You heard it here first.

Men – Zagreb (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Marin, Old Man Ljubs, Melzer, Troicki

Not entirely sure how I feel about Marin, despite being the hometown favourite. Semifinal appearance, hop on a plane to get your ass home and start playing Monday? Dude’s played a ton already this year. Still, keep him if he’s on your team. Another hometown dude Ivo is also in his quarter. Don’t mind Tipsy as the fifth seed, if you’ve already got him. Meh. Oh, and this shit’s indoors, y’all.

Men – Santiago (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds: Gonzo, Pico, Bellucci, Cuevas

It’s never too early (or too late…) for a clay tourney, I always say! The Fill-In King Of Clay takes to his first clay tournament of the season as the second seed, and Gonzo is the clear hometown favourite. Did I mention it’s on clay? And it’s in Chile. So if you thought Chilean fans were nuts in Melbourne, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Women – Zippo

Nothing is going on for the women this week, but two weeks from now will be Paris and Fed Cup, and the week after that is Pattaya City. And if you’re in the pool, YES you do get to trade, so take your trades and use them wisely. Here’s the sites for Paris and Pattaya City. The top seeds are Serena (wut?), Elena, Wicky and Bepa, Nads, and Caro respectively. Feel free to talk tennis pool in the comments, here’s the standings for the MTR Tennis Pool Club after AO:

1 ally_r (managed by Alison) 7799
2 AnaTennisGirl (managed by Ana) 7740
3 repoman13 (managed by Miguel) 7673
4 Dogtown (managed by Tracey) 7504
5 downtwo22 (managed by Joe) 7319
6 MindTheRacket (managed by Brodie) 7268
7 eastcoast (managed by Renee) 7155
8 phillies07_08 (managed by Brian) 7014
9 Becky2705 (managed by Rebecca) 6820
10 RagingBitch (managed by Jills) 6685
11 JustinBartha (managed by Carl) 6639
12 bokash (managed by boris) 6479
13 Oh Dina… (managed by SA) 6381
14 RubyTheWriter (managed by Ruby) 6267
15 Atiras (managed by Sarah) 6226
16 MaruVR (managed by Maria) 6159
17 PinkPooding (managed by Vanessa) 5974
18 rileysteam (managed by Neil) 5759
19 Taffy (managed by Tiff) 5625
20 Masochistic Lions (managed by Mango) 5493
21 Moneyhoney87 (managed by Sabrina) 5484
22 MN Tennis (managed by mi) 5458
23 Beau27 (managed by Alexandra) 5382
24 Maratsmaiden (managed by Sherri) 5356
25 meretricula (managed by V) 5310
26 Curtos7 (managed by Curtis) 5275
27 tennisetviola (managed by Emily) 5150
28 ihanglikeastar (managed by rishita) 5124
29 van£ss (managed by vanessa) 5101
30 tennisdeva (managed by Erin) 5083
31 dollymix (managed by Nick) 5053
32 Parkupdates (managed by Parker) 4790
33 Stoogle (managed by Stella) 4741
34 MagicHeads (managed by Tim) 4510
35 zoejrogers (managed by Zoe) 4509
36 Twinningstea (managed by Claire) 4444
37 VikaFTW! (managed by Lily) 4370
38 jellybean221 (managed by Emma) 4043
39 TennisGrrls (managed by Sheryl) 4042
40 julesdc (managed by Julie) 4028
41 Boki84 (managed by Bojan) 3826
42 Pink Coconut (managed by Maryam) 3710
43 ravenclaw (managed by Jenn) 3205

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