Kiss It Good

Posted by Brodie under: Australian Open, Federror, Muzz

31 Jan 2010

Where to start… Muzz came out with a defined game plan that really just didn’t seem to work. He kept playing to Fed’s backhand, a tactic that kind of worked, but because he was so focused on WHERE he was hitting the ball, he wasn’t swinging freely and focusing on HOW he was hitting it. So it goes.

The third set was a whole lot closer, and Muzz blew serving for the set as well as several set points in the tiebreak, and it didn’t really feel like a grand slam final until the business end of that set, where suddenly everyone was fully engaged and shit got loud in a hurry.

Fact is that Fed outplayed him and deserved to win. The pressure in grand slam finals just seem to be too much for Muzz, for now. It’s really just too bad, because Muzz was mostly in control in the third set and was winning more than 50% of points off his SECOND serve and was finally getting the first serve mojo going. Way too little, way too late.

Poor, poor Andy. The British press is going to rip you a new one. Again. Apparently some British sources are already starting to refer to him as a Scot… how convenient. Head up Andy, your brother knows what’s up. Your time will come.

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