Crush And Collapse

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27 Jan 2010

Well that was painful.

In one of the most epic collapses in slam history, Vika was up a whopping set and 2 breaks at 4-0… and then Serena got angry. And it was not pretty. There was just about everything but blood on the court as Serena started hammering the ball, playing with purpose, and actually moving (*gaspshockgasp*). Vika was able to stop the bleeding to get things to a tiebreak, and was even up a mini-break, but Serena just overpowered her and steam rolled all the way through the set and the win.

It was messy, to say the least. It was strange, seeing Vika have Serena’s number after she hadn’t even been broken all tournament. At the same time, Serena looked oddly flat and sort of content to die away with a whimper. And let’s be honest, were this a non-slam tournament (especially outside of the US) Serena probably would have gladly eaten a bagel in the second. But something clicked, for sure, and it was bombs away. Methinks she may be out for blood. Specifically Justine’s.

The other semi actually happened before but is barely worth mentioning. 3 sets of tired tennis that I’m pretty sure exhausted its viewers faster than its players. Nails finally took it in the third set that had next to no service holds… the rest is history. Specifically history not worth re-mentioning. The good that DOES come out of it, however, is that Nails is the first ever Chinese player to crack the WTA top 10, which is pretty damn epic, so congrats to her on that!

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