10 Things We Learned From… Optimism

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31 Jan 2010

Ah, irony. Yesterday I heard “Bright Side” by Thornley, a song off an album I never much cared for, but has grown on me for it’s overall catchiness. Anyway, I listened to it a few times and figured I might be listening to it a whole bunch over the next week or so. You know, those catchy songs that get stuck in your head. Yeah, bad omen.

Fed or Serena win(s) got you down? Favourites all lose in the first round? Ana fan? Feeling the winter blues? Not seeing enough sunshine? Grumpy cause your sleep patterns are fucked? Look on the bright side! Here’s the top 10 reasons to hold your head high after Australia.

1) You Can Finally Start Sleeping Properly Again

Yeah, it’s a whacked out time, following this Australia stuff if you live in North America. You’ve gone to sleep early, woken up early, stayed up late… gone to sleep, woken up, gone to sleep… or just plain haven’t slept. But this shit’s all over, and you can go to bed at 12 tonight and not be afraid of missing anything.

2) You Can Have A Social Life Again?

Girlfriend getting peeved that you’re placing tennis on the top of your priorities (definitely not the case with me!) Parents wondering why they haven’t seen you done homework in a week? Skipped nights out because “otherwise I might miss something?” Take back your life, all is well.

3) The Tennis Season Can Only Go Up From Here

Right? Unless maybe you consider a Justine/Fed slam combo win worse. But seriously folks, this shit can only get better.

4) Nole Fan?

Career high ranking of number 2 baby! (Don’t worry about who he displaced.)

5) The REAL People Who Can Beat Fed Were Messed Up

The last time Roger lost a match in a slam? Out with a bum forearm… or wrist… or brain. The last time Roger lost at AO? Bum knee. Second last time Roger lost at AO? Bad clam chowder.

6) There’s Always Next Week

Chances are if you’re reading this, unlike Serena, you DO care about non-slam events. Yeah, I care if Pico wins a 250 clay tournament in Sweden. Yeah, I do care if Sabine comes out of nowhere to upset Venus and win her first title. It’s no slam, but the great thing about tennis is that things just start up anew next week, and there’s always good things to look for.

7) Indian Wells And Miami Aren’t Far Off

The greatest self proclaimed “total wannabe” will be bringing in her irreverant coverage from her blog and much like last year, it’s going to kickass. Plus, IW and Miami are huge, meaningful tournametns, and they’re like a month away.

8) Tennis Pool Is Still Fun

OK, I got my ass handed to me this week in tennis pool. But if you’re playing, the show must go on, and there’s still tons of tennis to be played. And it’s fun, dammit! Plus it gets us even more interested in smaller tournies. What’s more fun than that?

9) Fed’s Still Douchier Than Thou

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, look, there’s no secret behind it. You know, I mean, definitely a very talented player (laughter). I always knew I had something special, but I didn’t know it was like, you know, that crazy.

I definitely had to work extremely hard so I would pick the right shot at the right time. For instance, on the match point I decided to hit a dropshot. You got to be crazy to do that.

HAHAHA OH ROGER. Good to hear that he’s got a comedy career lined up after retirement. He’ll probably get 150,000 people to every show.

10) It Will Just Be Sweeter When Muzz Beats Fed At Wimbledon

Fuckin’ right, baby.

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