It's Never Over…

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26 Dec 2009


(The tennis season)… Lover (Delpo), you should have come over (to the top 4)…

Which he would of, had he won the WTF in London. Regardless, Tennis Connected is reporting that he will anyway, on the 11th, as Muzz plays Hopman Cup with L-Rob (thanks for taking one for the team, Andy, that’s going to rule). Muzz will drop Doha points, which is a 250 event, and move Elf a whopping 5 points ahead. Buuut then Elf will lose his Auckland points, a week later, also a 250 event… however, he is playing the rather goofy Kooyong tournament, and Muzz’s website only says he is playing an exhibition, and Qatar (which must be behind, because Hopman Cup has replaced that). In other words, rankings are already confusing, le sigh.

The draw is released the 15th, however, and Elf WON’T have lost Auckland points by then, which means that he will be seeded fourth for the Australian Open. Which apparently might be old news anyway. Maybe I’m a little slow.

Regardless, this makes things pretty damn hard for Muzz. If everyone who is supposed to win does, he’ll have to beat three of the top four to win the tournament, which means Fed, Rafa, Nole or Elf in the quarters. Giggidy.

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