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23 Nov 2009


WTF is going on in London? …oh, the WTF. WTF? … ok now this is turning into a bad Monty Python joke…

I only saw the third set, but a hell of a match. Nole fought in the middle of the set to hold serve in a 12 minute game (4 of which Nole spent bouncing the ball before serving) and then Koyla somehow managed to break back to stay in the set… only to be broken the very next game, pretty handily, for Nole to serve it out. They then swapped shirts and totally non-homoerotic man sweat. Of course all Rafa fans want this to become a ritual, so they can show how much hotter Rafa really is than Fed. I’m assuming.

Unfortunately for Nole, after a match over 2 and a half hours, he said he’s having “physical problems, you can’t fight nature”, which I believe is Serbian for either injuries or being really tired. Tough to blame him for either really. I haven’t the slightest clue who the favourite is anymore, in this group… or overall really. Muzz? Fed? Will Nole be able to fight through it all? Will Rafa step it up next match? STAY TUNED!

Tomorrow’s OOP is Delpo/Fergasm at 12:30, and Fed/Muzz at 7pm. I’ll likely miss all of the first match, and miss the first hour of the second and catch the rest. Bring it on.

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