A Whole Lotta "Wow"

Posted by Brodie under: Caro, YEC

29 Oct 2009


That, my friends, is the true blood, sweat and tears of sport.

Caro came flying out of the gates, ripping off a bagel to Dina-bot Vera. Then up 5-2, well in control, Bepa fights her way back in, forcing a tiebreak and managing to win it. To a final set we go… after tears from both players, Caro has used all her medical timeouts at 5-4 and serving for it.

After an insanely long rally mid-game, Caro’s leg goes into a super cramp and she collapses onto the court in agony in tears. Medical timeouts are gone, and since “rules are rules”, she’s stranded out there, until (I believe) the chair comes to see if she’s even still alive. She is, and she gets up and grabs the match by the balls… by grabbing some balls. A match point blown, her parents (specifically her mom) have absolutely lost their shit on the sidelines. She wins a point off a Bepa error at deuce… and then somehow pulls it out in the third, 6-4, collapsing into more tears than all of Fed’s sobs combined. In fact she could barely walk off the court.

Just an amazing show of heart, guts, and will to win. Safe to say no one will be questioning her fighting spirit from here out (not that anyone really was). Its kind of the cherry on top of the season at this point, just incredible, and pretty damn heart warming. Will she be good to go against JJ? Maybe, maybe not (yeah, JJ would make the semis through 2 retirements if so…) but regardless, its an amazing win and a great way to potentially finish her season, if that’s what will happen. Ice bath and rest up girl, we need you tomorrow.

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