Bring The Noise

Posted by Brodie under: Agi, JJ, Masha, Tokyo, Vika

30 Sep 2009

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Masha over Kleybs, Mono over Pavs, Vika over Lucie, A-Rad over Petkovic, JJ over a retired Vez… wait… I thought this was Tokyo? You’re telling me the favourites won? I don’t understand.

One half of the draw is Pova/Bensova and A-Rad/Rybawhatever (who beat CanWoz *single tear*) matches, other is Vika/Nails and JJ/Mono ones. Which of course could end up being Pova/Rad, Vika/JJ semis. It occurred to me what a strange group of players that is for the semis, of all the ones you could pick. Then it also occurred to me how loud they all are, minus A-Rad. Vika/JJ semi? Possible Vika/Masha final? If there’s some sort of ear plug company in Japan, they should consider setting up a booth outside centre court right about now. Anyway, nice to see some seeds and big names actually one, it actually makes it a bit of an interesting finish. Also, A-Rad, for the love of Sven, please make your first semi of this year. Its getting kind of painful.

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