Ya Gotta Believe

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5 Aug 2009


Its safe to say that having Sven on your side is a serious bonus in life. Its another thing when he’s your coach. Ana fought through a serious battle, being up a double break in the first set she blew one, and squeaked out of it 64. She went on to have a tough tight second set, where apparently King’s serve started frustrating her, and lost it 46. But ya gotta fight, and ya gotta fight, and she kicked out the third set pretty easily, thank Sven, 61, and took the match. Tough to expect too much from a first match since Wimbley, especially when her opponent was serving around 70% or the high 60s for a lot of the match. Ana’s serve was unfortunately still causing her tons of problems, serving in the 50s with lots of wonktastic ball tosses. GoToTennis’s total fist pump to wonky ball toss court was 17 vs. 16. That’s a lot of messed up tosses. But better than just wildly hitting them into the net, I suppose.

Lots of other awesome results around the lady draw, with most of the favourites winning. First up, U-Rad (no, I did not have dinner with her in my dream last night…) thrashed Julie Coin (can I start calling her Dubloon?) 1 and 2. Banana also owned up super mega annoying Burrito in straight sets, and will play her BFF Caro tonight, last on centre court, which I will likely miss due to having to be up at an ungodly hour tomorrow, but there’s probably not going to be a stream either, so meh.

Dani knocked out American up and comer Oudin in three, CanWoz dinged out American Bethanie 75 75, and MaKiri actually won a damn match! Bepa, JZ, Superhero, Ms. Licky and Nails all won too.

Mono also showed up for a bit to do some press stuff. Possibly because since she originally said she was going to play it, she has to. That or she wins one tourney, and she’s a celebrity. Either are pretty lame.

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