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30 Aug 2009

I’m back! Woooooeeee! I spent a week teaching at a music camp up in northern Ontario, and it was a great experience. I basically went into huge internet withdrawl the first couple of days, which was sad, but I got over it. I kept up with Twitter and my Google Reader on my phone so for the most part I know what is going on in the universe, tennis and otherwise. Super happy for Caro, New Haven champ two years in a row! Sad I missed all of it.

I’m really happy to return to tennis watching and blog posting as well, as I’m sure you can all guess (hard to go cold turkey when you spent part of the week before at the Rogers Cup) but sadly I’ve spent basically all day moving music equipment and 4 hours in a car and haven’t showered since Friday morning. Joy. So I’ll post my draw look ahead tomorrow morning, when I am rested, clean and well fed. And I’m excited to do it, because blog, I have missed you.

I’d also like to take the time to welcome some of the readers, or people who have been poking around here during my coverage of the Rogers Cup. I post just about every day, and focus mainly on the on-court happenings (can’t be bothered to keep up to date on off-court stuff, and other blogs do it better anyway) in a semi-serious, mostly humourous, always ridiculous matter. Feel free to comment! Especially if there’s things you like or would like to see more of, or even if there’s things you’d like less of. Thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow morning!

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