On The Outside Lookin' In

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21 Aug 2009

On Wednesday, my good friend Ruby made the trip to Toronto for a day of tennis on centre court, with her mom. The one thing that did surprise me a bit while I was there, even when on the outer courts, was how many people were there with a limited knowledge of tennis and the general flow of the game. Especially in the stadium, where people would have to explain to others that no, it wasn’t 61 to 31, it was 6-3, and 1-1 in the second set. Or a dude explaining to his girlfriend how deuce and second serves works. Not to say that these aren’t smart people, but its sometimes interesting (and yes, funny) to hear comments from the non-tennis nerds of the world.

That being said, Ruby has made a pretty entertaining post on her day at the Rexall Centre, mainly with a focus as to “what in the hell are they wearing?”. Her blog is about… well, pretty much nothing in specific, which is why I think blogs were created in the first place. Check out the post here. Enjoy the post from an outsiders point of view. Also loved this bit of hilarity:

“Shit, I should be leaving that to the professionals who write real tennis blogs.”

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