Curious… very curious…

Posted by Brodie under: Dina, Lena, Serena, SW19, Venus

30 Jun 2009


Weird. The Scales Of Mo were out in full force today, as every top seed/favourite won their match. What is possibly even more weird is that the last four remaining women are the top four seeds. Oh Mo, the things you can do on your day off. I quickly Googled my brain to find out the last time that happened in a slam, and I got back the result of “a long fuckin’ time”. No one seems to have noticed, oddly.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the Williams sisters crackin’ through, its what they do, and yes, Dinara should have won her match today. What IS weird is that Lena has made a Wimbley semi-final AGAIN and that Dina made a Wimbley semifinal. Would anyone have guessed that? Likely not. The other hilarious thing is that next to no one has been paying attention to Lena, she wasn’t even on ESPN or NBC as far as I saw today. She’s also been tearing shit up. I’d at least give her a chance to cause Serena some trouble. Not unlike another number 4 ranked player, if I remember correctly…

Way to go, top 4 ladies, you took care of business. Now its time to see if the Russians can stop the Sisters. Sven bless us all.

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